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We need your help!

FantaFiction is a one man show, and one man can only do so much. And as this one man also has a full day time job, and a wife, two sons and a cat... well, I'm a bit pressed for time. ;-)

So, what can you do to help? I need information, lots of information. And I need different types of information from different types of people. Check the list to see what I need from you.

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"Normal" Visitors - Authors and Cover Artists - Publishers - Everybody

"Normal" Visitors

Yes, you are the ones I started this site for. You are the ones that use the site, and you are the ones that spend time looking at the information I have gathered here. And you are probably far more likely to find errors, bugs and omissions. If you find something, anything at all, that you think is wrong, missing, ugly or just want to comment on something, let me know. Another way you can help me is to use the review and rating functions, the Discussion Forum and the Guestbook. The more you use it, the more other people will start using it, and then we will get a site that is "alive" and way more fun and interesting to use.

Authors and Cover Artists

If you already have a section here, check it to see if the information is correct. If you don't have one, let me know and I'll make one for you. :-)

What I need to make an author section is: A short biography (150-200 words), a photo, a detailed bibliography (first time released with month, year and publisher) books should be listed by series and if you have a website, a link to it.
If you are a cover artist, this is what I need: A short biography (150-200 words), a photo and some sample covers images (a link to where I can find them is fine). If you have published books, I'd also like to list them. Same rule as for authors when it comes to books.


You can help us a lot! One of the most popular sections on FantaFiction is the Forthcoming Books section, and this is also one of the sections which takes very much time to gather information for. We would very much like to list this info, and it doesn't cost you a single cent to have it listed her! Please contact me for more information!
Another way you can "help" is to send us review copies of your books. It might take forever for me to get around to read and review them, but I do have plans to start a Speculative Fiction Readers Club (actually I've had that plan for some time now, and it's still not started), and when I do get around to doing it, there should be a very good chance your books actually will be reviewed. ;-)


OK, this is the part on the bottom, with small print... Well, actually the print isn't any smaller than the rest, but this is the part where I ask for money.... and I don't really like to do it. But, running a site like FantaFiction does cost a good bit of money, and I'm not exactly filthy rich. The site was down for some months in late 2002/early 2003 due to money problems, and I'd hate for that to happen again.

Buy your books from Amazon via links from us. If we don't have the book(s) you want, you can still enter Amazon via a link from us, which mean we still get a small commission.

And, if you have some money that you don't know what to do with, and would like to help me out a bit with keeping FantaFiction up and running, click the donate button.